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# Title Description Date Created
1 [KTVF news stories, Pump Station #8 explosion, George Attla interview, Emil Notti interview, airport security] Some segments of this film contain a soundtrack, and others are silent. Specific dates and other information noted on the original film are given here in parentheses. Part 1 (AAF-6062) Scenes feature a fire at Pump Station Number 8 following the explosion of July 8, 1977 (silent). Two injured pum... 1973-1977
2 [World championship sled dog races] This film features footage of George Attla and other sled dog racers. 1970-1978
3 [KTVF news stories, Cordova, 1977 mushers] Some segments of film contain a soundtrack, others are silent. Specific dates and other information noted on original film are given here in parentheses. Footage features views of a nighttime rocket launch (no date or description) (silent). Aerial views of Fort Wainwright (no date or description)... 1977
4 [1974 Chena flood dam construction] This film features earth-moving equipment at work on dam construction as well as culverts filling with water. 1974
5 [KTVF television raw footage and news stories from Fairbanks during 1973] Stories and footage include Boy Scouts participating in Scout-O-Rama at Alaskaland, Judge Rabinowitz speaking at a Kiwanis meeting (4/30/73), a Chamber of Commerce meeting (4/10/73), children playing in water during break-up (4/11/73), people in a church (4/12/73), people riding a horse and buggy... 1973
6 [KTVF news stories from Fairbanks during 1973 - 3] Footage and stories include Alaska state legislators in Juneau (4/3/73), reporter Phil Deisher examining problems at North Pole Elementary School (4/6/73), state legislators in Juneau (4/7/73), an Air Vietnam jet landing in Fairbanks with president Thieu (4/10/73), housing on Ft. Wainwright and p... 1973
7 [Boat race, Jim O'Sullivan interview] Specific dates and other information noted on the original film are given here in parentheses. The footage features a boat race, men climbing out of a boat as spectators on the river bank watch, Jim O'Sullivan being interviewed in an office about his election campaign for state legislature (title... 1976
8 [KTVF news stories from Fairbanks during 1973 - 2] Stories and footage include a story about juvenile probation in Alaska with reporter Larry Carpenter and counselors Stece Clark and Mary Wadeson, a story about emergency medical training in Alaska with reporter Phil Deisher (2/20/73), silent footage of a Fairbanks Memorial Hospital annual meeting... 1973
9 [Aerial view of pipeline construction] Footage includes aerial views of Fairbanks, the pipeyard, pipeline construction, sections of pipeline arranged along the roadside, trucking on the Haul Road, and North Star terminals. 1975-1977
10 [KTVF news stories, hovercraft, Lathrop High School, boat races] Some segments of this film contain audio, and others are silent. Specific dates and other information noted on the original film are given here in parentheses. Undated segments were originally grouped with the dated segments and are most likely from 1974. The film features a large hovercraft movi... 1974
11 [KTVF news stories, tankers at Valdez, Yukon 800 boat race, Golden Days parade] Some segments of this film have sound, and others are silent. Specific dates are noted in parentheses when available. The footage features Amanda Blake and other celebrities from the television show "Gunsmoke" touring the musk ox farm at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the celebrities watchin... 1974
12 [Governor Egan inauguration and speeches] This footage shows Lieutenant Governor Boucher and Governor Egan are sworn in followed by a portion of the Governor's inaugural address. Additional footage includes Governor Egan speaking before the Alaska Chamber of Commerce about the value of Prudhoe Bay oil, Governor Egan speaking about collec... 1970
13 [Pipeline Report #5 B-roll] Footage features the Haul Road, trucks, workers, pipeline construction, and pipeline camps. It also includes Interviews about pipeline construction progress and its impacts on Alaska communities. 1975-1977
14 [Haul Road truckers, Muleskinner's, interview scenes] This footage shows trucks hauling pipeline segments along the Haul Road in winter, men and boys carrying firewood and buckets of water, a woman working in a garden, a stream and homestead (in an area known as "Muleskinner's" according to a label on the film), flowers, a man and woman being interv... 1965-1975
15 [Pipeline Report: A or B roll] Ted Lehne introduces the program, which is one of a series. Footage includes welders joining pipe into 80 foot sections, crews working on vertical support members (VSM), crews coating a pipe, pipeline medical personnel, Galbraith Clinic, a Fairbanks ambulance and downtown streets, Fairbanks Memor... 1975-1977
16 [Pipeline Report #5 A-roll] This was filmed during the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Reporter Ted Lehne reports on the progress of the construction. Footage includes 48-inch pipe on rail cars, 80-foot lengths of pipe on trucks, Ted Lehne, Delta Camp, school children, work on vertical support members (VSM), aeri... 1975-1977
17 [KTVF news stories from Fairbanks between 1969 and 1975] Footage features Army Airborne paratroopers jumping from transports at Ft. Wainwright, ice fog in Fairbanks, taxi cabs, a building on fire, and cranes tearing down the remains of the Nordale Hotel (1972). Additional footage includes the Golden Days Parade in 1969. 1969-1975
18 [KTVF news stories, GOP convention, Alyeska report] Footage includes the Jim Thompson Ford dealership in Fairbanks (silent) (9/17/73), men speaking at a United Way meeting (silent) (9/25/73), the dedication of the Hutchison Center with aircraft mechanic Jim Hutchison and other dignitaries in attendance (sound) (9/29/73), a bomber aircraft sitting ... 1973
19 [KTVF news stories from 1973] Footage includes a simulated school bus disaster drill (sound), Rainbow Girls walking along a sidewalk (7/10/73), workers at Greer Tank and Welding (7/11/73), a man and children loading a bus camper (7/13/73), Governor Keith Miller driving a golden spike in the Alaska Railroad rededication ceremo... 1973
20 [KTVF news stories from 1972] Footage and stories include the Pioneers of Alaska election of Mariel Wilbur and Howard Marlin reported by Pat Egan (1/10/72), Chuck Reese being interviewed by Larry Carpenter about school superintendent Taylor resigning (1/10/72), silent footage of a house fire at night with an Eielson fire truc... 1972