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# Title Description Date Created
1 [Red Olson taking first barrel of oil from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, views of Valdez] This film contains views of Trans-Alaska Pipeline construction; brief scenes of the first barrel of oil from the Prudhoe Bay oil field being flown by helicopter to the S.S. Manhattan; scenes of Red and Randy Olson ceremonially transporting the first barrel of oil from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez by dog... 1972-1980
2 [Boating on a river, camping] This footage features three children in the front of a boat on a river, a boat passing a sternwheeler with tourists on the sternwheeler waving, a boat motoring to shore, a campsite with a teepee and campers, women preparing food at a campsite on the bank of a river, women roasting and eating hotd... 1965-1980
3 [Stewart Rothman Family films, rocket launch, camping, 2nd Avenue, winter carnival] This video contains footage of a rocket launch, someone driving a covered all-terrain vehicle through snowy woods, dog mushing, scenic views of a lake, a family walking by a lake in fall, trailer park houses, a woman, a baby walking, a man playing with a dog, Second Avenue neon signs at night in ... 1970-1990
4 [Camping, outdoor scenes, and scenes from an airport] This footage features a woman on a swingset next to a lake, a woman and a man paddling a canoe, palm trees, a beach, a city, a woman modeling dresses and furs in front of a brick house, a well-dressed woman and man getting into a car in winter, driving, a woman and man getting out of a car, a lan... 1970-1990
5 [Football games, basketball games] This footage shows a night time football game being played outdoors and under lights on a baseball field that was converted into a football field [possibly Griffin Park in Fairbanks?], a football game being played on a snowy field in Fairbanks, and women's basketball games being played in a gymna... 1970-1990
6 [Collapsed roof on building] This video shows a building labeled "J & O Drilling," a collapsed building covered in snow, the inside of a collapsed building with the roof of the building resting on a large truck inside, a camper in the collapsed building, and a view of the inside roof of the collapsed building. 1965-1990
7 [Hauling pipe to North Slope, work in icy waters, sailboat Endeavor] AAF-10588 is labeled "BP Pipe to Slope work print." It includes images of men unloading an oil well or a feeder line pipe in the rail yard at Fairbanks, hauling pipe sections by truck, loading pipe sections onto a C-130 airplane, a cockpit and views from an airplane in flight, and Prudhoe Bay. Th... 1972-1978