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# Title Description Date Created
1 [KFAR television news footage 2] This footage features men and women being searched by police, a dog sled race, raised homes, people on a sternwheeler, a building with a sign that says "Bank Interior City Branch," aerial views of Alaska countryside, an airplane dropping some type of powder or smoke, people racing and having fun ... 1967-1977
2 [KFAR television news footage 4] Footage from around Fairbanks includes an Alaska State Trooper conducting a traffic stop, concrete being poured at a building construction site at UAF (?), a Boy Scout Camporee or Jamboree at Alaskaland, several cargo jets at Fairbanks International Airport, a drug education center called the Isl... 1969-1977
3 [KFAR television news footage 3] Footage from in and around Fairbanks includes a downhill ski race at Cleary Summit ski area on Steese Highway, the Golden Valley Co-op building, the Arctic Bowl building, students making dog harnesses, a building on fire, an unidentified meeting, UAF scenes, reindeer in pens, Alaska Native Queen ... 1967-1977
4 [KFAR television news footage 1] This footage includes classic cars in downtown Fairbanks, piles of trash and run-down property, remnants of a building that exploded, a public meeting, girls playing volleyball at the Lathrop High School gym, firemen extinguishing a fire at the Fairbanks city dump, a Coachways bus in Nenana, the ... 1967-1977