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# Title Description Date Created
1 Piegans: Lord of the Plains Earl Old Person, tribal chairman, narrates the history of the Blackfoot Indians and demonstrates how tribal elders are working to keep traditional culture alive. The film contains scenes of bison herds, drawings and sculptures, Montana landscapes, traditional dances, healing ceremonies, and other... 1971
2 [The Winter Bear Project promo and documentary] This is a documentary about The Winter Bear Project i. It includes scenes from a play, associated workshops, and interviews with Brian Wescott, Jessica McGinty, Jeremy Raychel, Anne Hanley, Brittany Smith, Yvonne Wright Adams, Paul Mountain, Debra Naaqtuuq Dommek, Martha Demoski, Clara Peters, an... 2014-2015
3 Gathering together: bilingual curriculum creation at the Lower Kuskokwim School District This videotape is labeled "Gathering Together Master 2/11/97." The program was produced by the Lower Kuskokwim School District (LKSD) in 1997. It contains chapters on LKSD and its mission, bilingual programs at LKSD, the Yup'ik Language Immersion School, the Summer Institute Home School Link, and... 1997
4 North of the Arctic Circle: Human Values and the Land AAF-13935 is a program about changes in the communities of Point Hope, Kaktovik, Arctic Village and Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska, due to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. Filmed and written by Billie and Sam Wright. Film made possible by the Alaska Humanities Forum and the Tasseraluk Institute o...
In 1968, Samuel A. and Billie Wright moved to Alaska’s Brooks Range, where they built a cabin they named “Koviashuvik” at the edge of Bob Johnson Lake north of Bettles. That same year, they founded the non-profit Tasseraluk Institute, headquartered in the Brooks Range, for “educational, religious...
5 [Parachute jumps, cargo preparation, training] Film contains scenes of parachute jumps as viewed from air at an unknown location, parachute jumps as viewed from air over Fairbanks area, parachute jumps, interior views of the airplane, parachute cargo drops, landing at Ladd Field on Fort Wainwright, a forklift in operation, men bundling boxes ... 1959-1975
6 A Man for the '70s This is a 1968 campaign film about the background and political vision of Mike Gravel prior to his election to the U.S. Senate. Bob Bartlett, Hubert Humphrey, and Ted Kennedy are briefly seen. The film covers the topics of campaign stresses, the development of oil fields in Alaska, and the need t... 1967-1968
7 Once our way This film includes interviews with people from the community of Tununak, Alaska. It includes scenes featuring subsistence activities, drumming, and dancing. 1970-1980
8 Children of Eek and their art Teacher Paul Forer introduces the school children in Eek to different techniques in drawing pictures. 1972-1982