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# Title Description Date Created
1 [Wilkins expeditions, wonders in motion etc. 2] This footage features buildings in Anchorage, the wooden trestle at Eagle River, track laying crews, and other construction activities. Childs Glacier near Cordova is also shown. 1917-1927
2 [Wilkins expeditions, wonders in motion etc. 3] This footage features mining clean-up and a sluice box in operation, stacking tailings using a bucket, Stinson biplanes, Harding Lake recreation, Wilkins snow-motors seen from the air in 1926, grayling fishing, the paddlewheeler "Pioneer", dog races, and musher Joe Stickman being presented with a... 1917-1927
3 [Wilkins expeditions, wonders in motion etc. 5] This footage includes cutting hay with a team of horses, Charlie Creamer (?) in a field with shocks of hay, a large commercial garden and greenhouses, a picnic and political rally, a sluice box operating, a truck pulling Hubert Wilkins' Fokker fuselage through Fairbanks, a crashed Fokker with a b... 1917-1927
4 Alaska Wonders In Motion No. 3 Images include the title screen "Educational Films Corporation America Presents Alaska Wonders In Motion No. 3 Produced by Al.I.Smith." This film's scenes feature early Anchorage, Alaska Railroad construction, Childs Glacier calving, and men hunting Kodiak bears. It also includes scenes of Anchor... 1917-1927