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# Title Description Date Issued Date Created
1 [Richard and Janet Ward collection 2] Footage includes a construction camp for the Anchorage International Airport, and airport construction scenes from both summer and winter. Additional footage includes winter travel, University of Alaska buildings in Fairbanks, a weasel tracked vehicle, airplanes that were damaged in the Easter 19... 1945-1955
2 [Merton Attwood Collection 1] Footage includes ALCAN travel, a C-47 Wien flight from Fairbanks and a Cessna 180 flight from Bettles, men prospecting with a steam boiler and windlass, people gold mining with a hydraulic giant and heavy equipment, mining activities, a Pan American World Airways (PAN AM) Boeing 377 Stratocruiser... 1957-1968
3 [Richard and Janet Ward collection 1] Footage includes a porcupine, Dick Ward with a chained sled dog, Dick Ward in a Pan American World Airways (PAA) uniform in Metlakatla, the PAA terminal building, a PAA Dc-4 or DC-6 passenger plane, Annette Island scenery (?), trucks and equipment at an asphalt plant, men paving a runway, cars an... 1945-1955
4 [Merton Attwood Collection 2] Footage includes children playing in snow outside a cabin, children walking with their mother, a Wien airplane landing, a moose, a group of Eskimos in an outboard powered riverboat arriving at a fish camp on the shore, dead caribou being unloaded from a Nodwell tracked vehicle, caribou, a view of... 1957-1968
5 [Jeanie of Alaska – original reel 2] This film features an airplane in flight from underneath, showing the floats; the word HELP written on the ground at remote Anaktuvuk Pass in the Brooks Range; Chandler Lake people, dressed in summer parkas, are worried about a very sick baby (Bud flies the baby to the nearest hospital at Point B... 1952
6 [Alyeska start-up, press and TV crews waiting for oil 1977 part 1] The filmmaker's original labeling scheme has film AAF-20,001 numbered as Bacon 108-1, and titled "Alyeska Start-Up: WP [workprint]-400 feet" The corresponding negative was also included in box. Reed Bovee interviewed filmmaker Bill Bacon in 2010, and the following information about these films i... 1977
7 [Jeanie of Alaska – original reel 1] This film includes scenes of Bud and Connie Helmericks traveling with their young daughter, Jeanie, throughout northern Alaska. The date of 1952 was confirmed by Jean (Jeanie Helmericks) Aspen in 2015. Detailed summary information was provided by the filmmakers. According to these notes, the film... 1952
8 [Our Alaskan Winter – original reel 1] Detailed summary information was provided by the filmmakers, Bud and Connie Helmericks. According to these notes, this film includes scenes of the “Arctic Tern” (Cessna 170 airplane) on skis. Six different airplanes, all named the “Arctic Tern” and all painted with a bird symbol, were used in the... 1949
9 [Our Alaskan Winter – original reel 2] Detailed summary information was provided by the filmmakers, Bud and Connie Helmericks. According to these notes, this film includes scenes of travel by dogsled while hunting for seals.Polar bear tracks. Connie comes up to her dead polar bear — shot from the tent at 1 a.m. in late May — feasting ... 1949
10 [Alyeska start-up, press and TV crews waiting for oil 1977 part 2] The filmmaker's original labeling scheme AAF-20,002 numbered as Bacon 108-2 and titled "Alyeska Start-Up, Press and TV Crews Waiting for Oil 1977: WP [workprint]-300 feet" [the corresponding negative was also included in box]. See AAF-20417 for an associated item originally labeled Bacon 108-3. ... 1977
11 [Chilkat dancers, totem pole construction] The filmmaker's original labeling scheme has AAF-20,004 numbered as Bacon 12-5 and titled "Chilkat Indian Dancers, World's Largest Totem Pole Construction, Carl Heinmiller, Whale House, Klukwon, Potlatch Trough: Orig [original]-300 feet." See AAF-20,054 -- AAF-20,061 for associated items original... 1970-1985
12 [Fairbanks ice carnivals and aviation] This footage features the 1929 Fairbanks Ice Carnival Queen contest, a flight with Ed Young, a film shot by Dan Lhamon, Howard Hughes in Fairbanks in August 1938 during his 1938 Around the World Flight in a Lockheed Super Electra, a Pan American airplane, a Pacific Alaska Airways airplane, a Wien... 1928-1945
13 [Chuck Gray film collection addition 1] The original reel and can notes for AAF-10075 are: “Shee fishing, 1987 review, miscellaneous Clearwater, and miscellaneous fishing.” The footage includes the Blankenship Trading Post in Kiana, men eating inside a cabin, people fishing from boats, an airplane on skis, men setting beaver traps, an ... 1987
14 [Chuck Gray film collection addition 2] The original reel and can notes for AAF-10076 are: "Dune Lake 1 and 2 - 1970, Beaver Creek 1956, and Old John 1 and 2 - 1970." The writing on film leader is "Dune Lk. 1989." The footage features building supplies being offloaded at a remote site in winter, a large vehicle with a trailer, a cabin ... 1956-1970
15 [Chuck Gray film collection addition 3] The original reel and can notes for AAF-10077 are: "Bristol Bay, Valdez 1971, and winter fishing trips." The film includes fishing, airplanes on floats, a NCA seaplane landing and turning around onshore, a sign the says "Welcome to Brooks River Alaska - Katmai National Monument - Northern Consoli... 1971
16 Piegans: Lord of the Plains Earl Old Person, tribal chairman, narrates the history of the Blackfoot Indians and demonstrates how tribal elders are working to keep traditional culture alive. The film contains scenes of bison herds, drawings and sculptures, Montana landscapes, traditional dances, healing ceremonies, and other... 1971
17 A guide for Alaska miners, settlers and tourists Includes advertising. 1902
18 [McKinley Park Hotel, Curry Hotel, Alaska Railroad, Anchorage] This film features footage the interior of a hotel lobby, exterior footage of the Denali Park Hotel, an Alaska Railroad train departing a station, the Healy train station and hotel, fall colors, a footbridge over a river to a red building, interior black-and-white views of people playing cards at... 1940-1952
19 Die Goldsucher 1904
20 [KFAR television news footage 2] This footage features men and women being searched by police, a dog sled race, raised homes, people on a sternwheeler, a building with a sign that says "Bank Interior City Branch," aerial views of Alaska countryside, an airplane dropping some type of powder or smoke, people racing and having fun ... 1967-1977