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# Title Description Date Created
1 [David and Mike Doxey Film collection 1] This original film was labeled "Umiat." Footage includes snowmachine travel, ice fishing, a large burbot, pulling nets, Umiat (?), people working on snowmachines, several DeHaviland Twin Otter airplanes arriving, scenery and snowmachine travel, a dead moose killed by wolves (?), and additional No... 1975-1985
2 [David and Mike Doxey Film collection 6] Footage includes a river break-up, Richardson Highway travel, children playing, sled dog races, downtown Fairbanks, a panorama, Dawson City, waterskiing at Harding Lake, a Golden Days Parade in Fairbanks, a Sheep Creek dredge being moved in 1958, children in Easter clothes, Open North American Sl... 1958-1978
3 [David and Mike Doxey Film collection 5] This film is labeled "North Slope Boating 1978." Footage includes riverboat travel, grizzly bears on a hillside, more riverboat travel, a tent camp, a construction camp (?) on the North Slope, aerial views of the North Slope and Brooks Range, and landing in Fairbanks. Additional footage includes ... 1978