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# Title Description Date Issued
1 A guide for Alaska miners, settlers and tourists Includes advertising. 1902
2 Dredging for placer gold [1909?]
3 Dawson, Yukon Territory Includes mining laws and regulations; creek directory; detailed descriptions of representative business houses of Dawson.
Cover title: Yukon Territory, city of Dawson.
4 Alaska almanac, 1909
5 The Alaska almanac, 1908 Predecessor title: The Alaska Club's almanac. 1908
6 The Alaska Club's 1905 almanac Successor title: The Alaska almanac
7 Year book, 1908-9, The Kegoayah Kozga [1908?]
8 Year book - Kegoayah Kozga 1902-1903 [1903?]
9 Year book of the Kegoayah Kozga 1904-1905 "Organized June 25, 1902. Admitted to the General Federation of Women's Clubs, October, 1903"--Title page. [1905?]
10 The Industrial dawn of Alaska
11 The Alaska Club's almanac, 1907 1907
12 Report on the property of the Alaska-Perseverance Mining Company, Silver Bow Basin, Juneau, Alaska Cover title. / "Together with letter from General Oliver Roberts, E.M., San Francisco, California, on the remarkable character of the gold mines owned by the Company, and letter from Joseph McDonald, E.M., superintendent, Alaska-Treadwell Gold Mining Company; also, reprint of articles from the 'M... [1903?]
13 The gold ship Cover title. 1908?
14 The Alaska Tin Mines Co., Limited: incorporated under the laws of the state of Rhode Island Cover title: Information. [1904?]
15 Prospectus / Alaska Atlin Mining Co. Caption title. [1902?]
16 Alaska tin in vein form: a commercial future "Wednesday, February 5, 1908"--Page 22 / "1907 discoveries biggest of all--permanent vein of commercial pay ore--future of American tin assured."--Cover and title page [1908]
17 Seward, the gateway to the Iditarod! Cover title. / Other titles: Gateway to the Iditarod! [1910s]
18 The Omilak lead and silver mines, Alaska Territory, U.S.A. Caption title. Cover title: The Omilak mines, Alaska. Map on back cover: "Map of Fish River & Council City Mining Sections, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, showing Omilak Mine and projected railroad from Omilak Station, also from Golvin [sic] Bay to Omilak Mines, with branch road to Council City an... [1909?]
19 Alaska excursions, 1904 Cover title.
Initial 21 numbered pages present information about the Pacific Coast Steamship Company's fleet and routes as well as general facts about Alaska that are of interest to tourists. Followed by 53 unnumbered pages printed in format to encourage recording of the individual traveler's trip diary.
20 The golden sand of Cape Nome "Jan., 1900." Series: Great Northern pocket-books; no. 3 1900-01