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# Title Description Date Created
1 [Stenberg films 3] This is a film that was developed in August 1961 and September 1962 and is labeled, “Mitkoff Job 75 Reel No. 1.” The film contains scenes of a human skull, a Caterpillar tractor and operator, a tug boat, chainsaw crews and bulldozers clearing land, travel along a shoreline in a boat, a tree being... 1955-1962
2 [Stenberg films 1] This film was developed in November 1963 and is labeled, “Mitkoff Highway.” The Mitkof Highway runs south from Petersburg, Alaska to the southeast point of Mitkof Island. the film contains images of a Tongass National Forest sign, trees being cleared, logs being moved by cables, road construction... 1955-1963
3 [Stenberg films 2] This is a film from the early 1970s containing scenes of Smokey the Bear greeting children and families at a Lions Club picnic. The remaining scenes are from Alaska’s North Slope and include caribou crossing a road, a Wien Consolidated jet taking off, a sign for Frontier Transportation Company, c... 1970-1975
4 [Stenberg films 4] This is a film that was developed in August 1962 and is labeled, “Mitkoff Hiway No. 2.” The film contains scenes of road construction along a shoreline, crews removing trees and blasting rock, a coastal Alaska town (Petersburg?), and men washing clams. 1955-1962
5 [Stenberg films 7] This is a late 1950s film labeled “Moving dredge - coal mine - ferry at Nenana.” The film contains aerial and ground views of a large dredge being moved – likely Dredge Number 6 being moved from Gold Hill to Sheep Creek near Fairbanks in 1958. The film also contains aerial views of mountains, a m... 1955-1959
6 [Stenberg films 5] This is a film from about 1961 labeled, “Petersburg" and "Hunting Fishing #4.” The film contains scenes of women processing halibut and men processing salmon in a commercial processing facility, shrimp being unloaded from boats, an Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines seaplane landing and taxiing to sho... 1955-1961
7 [Stenberg films 9] This film is labeled, “Home Reel 1.” The film contains scenes of southeast Alaska, men and women posing with bundles of furs, small boats, mountains and glaciers, a waterfall, views from a boat, fishing vessels at a dock, and women walking along a snowy street. The segment titled “Alaska River Vo... 1955-1975
8 [Stenberg films 6] This is a film that was developed in June 1959 and the early 1960s and is labeled, “St. Juneau - end is [illegible].” The film contains scenes of southeast Alaska, aerial views from a seaplane in flight, views from a small powerboat, a Grumman seaplane at a dock (N1019N), families swimming, a Pet... 1955-1963
9 [Stenberg films 8] This is a film that was developed in September 1959 and is labeled, “Moose hunting, Fairbanks world champ dog races and blanket toss.” The film contains scenes of men hunting and butchering a moose, an Alaska Dog Mushers Association banner, sled dog races, a woman in a crown posing and driving a ... 1955-1959