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# Title Description Date Issued
1 Season of 1890, grand summer tour to Alaska Cover title: Raymond's vacation excursions : excursion to Alaska. "The party to leave Boston Saturday, July 19, and to return Saturday, September 6. Price of tickets (all traveling expenses included), $500.00." Includes bibliographical references. 1890
2 A guide for Alaska miners, settlers and tourists Includes advertising. 1902
3 All about Alaska [1890] Includes sailing schedules, timetables, and excerpts from newspaper accounts. 1890-02-20
4 All about Alaska [1886] Includes timetables and excerpts from newspaper accounts. 1886
5 Alaska, the Richardson Road, Fairbanks, Valdez Cover title. One folded map inserted. 1922
6 Alaska, along the shores and beyond Differs from 1899 edition in that pages are numbered. [19--]
7 To the Alaska gold fields Cover title. 1912
8 Sights and scenes in Oregon, Washington and Alaska for tourists "Compliments of the Passenger Department, Union Pacific Ry., Omaha, Neb."
Cover title: Oregon, Washington T'y. and Alaska : sights and scenes.
9 Alaska's big game Cover title. [1910s]
10 Two excursions to Alaska leaving Philadelphia July 6 & 20, 1894 "Season of 1894. Two grand summer tours to Alaska in connection with journeys across the continent by the Canadian Pacific Railway, including stops at Montreal, Banff Hot Springs, the Glacier of the Selkirks, etc. The return over the Northern Pacific Railroad, with visits to Portland, Tacoma, Se...
Cover title. / At head of cover title: Raymond's vacation excursions, all travelling expenses included.
[1893 or 1894]
11 California, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and the World's Columbian Exposition Cover title. / At head of title: Raymond's vacation excursions, all traveling expenses included. [1892 or 1893]