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# Title Description Date Created
1 [Family activities, Circle Hot Springs] This film contains footage of a little girl walking with help from woman, a woman holding a baby in her lap, a man holding a baby in his lap, a small child walking, a small child in a chair playing with toys, a small girl in a winter coat walking indoors, a small child playing with toys and a tab... 1955-1965
2 [Family scenes, Alaska Highway travel, winter carnival] Film contains images of cars driving down a street, an aproximately 1-year-old girl outside of a red house climbing stairs and playing, the same girl indoors, sheep in a field, a group of people standing in the field, a group of people dressed up at an outdoor gathering, people sitting in a group... 1955-1965
3 [Mining activities, winter carnival parade] This film contains footage of a moose in the woods, a large warehouse, Williams Equipment Company, people in the woods, a field, cars racing around a dirt track, mining activities including digging out dirt, a sluicebox, men operating mining equipment, scenic views of the landscape, a sunset, a f... 1940-1960
4 [Mining, Fairbanks parades] This film contains footage of a two little girls in dresses in front of a big piece of equipment, a man and woman holding babies, men camping out of the back of a truck, men spear fishing, piglets, a rosebush, two people playing with dogs, people gold panning, a woman with a large gold nugget, tw... 1940-1960
5 [Family activities, scenes inside and outside Alaska] This film contains footage of two women standing outside of an Aeronca Sedan airplane in the snow, women washing a car, a wildfire, two women standing in front of a house with a small dog, a group of boys putting on heavy backpacks being handed to them out of the back of a truck, airplanes on flo... 1950-1980
6 [Family scenes, Alaska Highway travel] Film contains footage of a little girl (aproximately 1 year old) at a birthday party with a cake and presents, a little girl playing with toys, a little boy's 3rd birthday party with children, cake, the child opening presents, a truck on a snowy road, scenic views of mountains and winter snowscap... 1950-1970
7 [Alaska Highway travel, winter carnival, mining] This film contains footage of scenic outdoor views (possibly along the Alcan Highway), dog mushing, St. Joseph's Hospital and the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in downtown Fairbanks, The Cushman Street Bridge, buildings along the shore including the Pioneer Hotel and Northern Commercial C... 1948-1950
8 [1949 Fairbanks flood, mining activities] Film contains footage of the Ladd Field Post Cafeteria sign, a man and a woman walking together, a man welding, large machinery, boats on the Chena River, flooded areas in downtown Fairbanks, 1st Avenue Dress Shoppe, swimming pool, Wells Alaska Motors, flooding in a neighborhood, flooding around ... 1948-1950
9 [Fairbanks, family scenes] This film contains footage of men fishing in a river, a large garden in summer, cabins in the snow, trucks driving on a snowy road, Chena River during breakup with large ice flows, a gravel pit with dragline pulling up gravel and depositing to dump truck (dredging river?), farmland with cows, a s... 1940-1960