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eerl:4228[KTVF miscellaneous short clips; A, B, and C-rolls for commercials]
eerl:4227[KTVF news stories, cross country skiing, snowmachines, baseball, airplanes]
eerl:4226[1982 Valdez Winter Carnival and winter activities]
eerl:4225[KTVF miscellaneous short clips, Sitka, news clips, etc.]
eerl:4224[KTVF miscellaneous short clips, mental health stories, etc.]
eerl:4223[KTVF news stories, Eielson Church of Christ, Deitrich Camp, interviews]
eerl:4222[KTVF news stories, Anchorage airport construction, dredge]
eerl:4221[KTVF television news stories, footage and political commercials from 1974 to 1977]
eerl:4220[KTVF television news footage and stories from Fairbanks between 1967 and 1977]
eerl:4219[KTVF television news stories from Fairbanks between 1973 and 1977]
eerl:4218[KTVF miscellaneous short clips, commercial out-takes]
eerl:4217[KTVF commercial out-takes]
eerl:4216[Trucker film out-takes, Pump Stations 1 and 6, North Pole Refinery, Valdez tankers, Pump Station 8 explosion]
eerl:4215[KTVF news stories, miscellaneous KTVF short clips, pipeline, fine arts classes]
eerl:4214[KTVF news stories, miscellaneous KTVF clips, construction, beauty pageant, auction, baseball]
eerl:4213[KTVF news stories, miscellaneous clips, 1977 North American Sled Dog Race, Samuelson interview, UAF fire station, sprint cars]
eerl:4212[KTVF news stories, vocational rehabilitation parts 1 and 2, miscellaneous clips]
eerl:4211[KTVF news stories, miscellaneous KTVF short clips, Geophysical Institute monitoring Amchitka nuclear test, feminist interviews]
eerl:4210[KTVF news stories, miscellaneous sports clips, Yukon 800]
eerl:4209[KTVF news stories, pipeline, hospital, Valdez]