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# Title Description Date Created
1 [Pipeline Report: A or B roll] Ted Lehne introduces the program, which is one of a series. Footage includes welders joining pipe into 80 foot sections, crews working on vertical support members (VSM), crews coating a pipe, pipeline medical personnel, Galbraith Clinic, a Fairbanks ambulance and downtown streets, Fairbanks Memor... 1975-1977
2 [Pipeline footage] Information noted on the original film is given here in parentheses. All segments are silent. Footage includes a man and women being interviewed (segment titled "Muleskinner - Thunder"), a woman operating a radio (segment titled "Brown Muleskinner"), a truck on a road, a man and woman being inter... 1968-1978
3 [KTVF news stories from Fairbanks in 1972] Footage includes reporter Larry Carpenter interviewing Max Hollinger about University of Alaska budget overspending (2/1/72), a Career Extension Center interview with student Roxanne Brooks (2/2/72), Ted Stevens presenting land patents to several local residents (2/5/72), elementary students stud... 1972
4 [KTVF news stories, construction, crime, Lathrop band] Some segments of film contain a soundtrack, and others are silent. Specific dates and other information noted on the original film are given here in parentheses. The film features road and dike construction (1976) (silent), aerial views of landscapes (1976) (silent), aerial views of the pipeline ... 1974-1976