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1 [Stenberg films 3] This is a film that was developed in August 1961 and September 1962 and is labeled, “Mitkoff Job 75 Reel No. 1.” The film contains scenes of a human skull, a Caterpillar tractor and operator, a tug boat, chainsaw crews and bulldozers clearing land, travel along a shoreline in a boat, a tree being... 1955-1962
2 [Stenberg films 2] This is a film from the early 1970s containing scenes of Smokey the Bear greeting children and families at a Lions Club picnic. The remaining scenes are from Alaska’s North Slope and include caribou crossing a road, a Wien Consolidated jet taking off, a sign for Frontier Transportation Company, c... 1970-1975
3 [Stenberg films 4] This is a film that was developed in August 1962 and is labeled, “Mitkoff Hiway No. 2.” The film contains scenes of road construction along a shoreline, crews removing trees and blasting rock, a coastal Alaska town (Petersburg?), and men washing clams. 1955-1962
4 [Stenberg films 7] This is a late 1950s film labeled “Moving dredge - coal mine - ferry at Nenana.” The film contains aerial and ground views of a large dredge being moved – likely Dredge Number 6 being moved from Gold Hill to Sheep Creek near Fairbanks in 1958. The film also contains aerial views of mountains, a m... 1955-1959
5 [Stenberg films 5] This is a film from about 1961 labeled, “Petersburg" and "Hunting Fishing #4.” The film contains scenes of women processing halibut and men processing salmon in a commercial processing facility, shrimp being unloaded from boats, an Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines seaplane landing and taxiing to sho... 1955-1961
6 [Stenberg films 9] This film is labeled, “Home Reel 1.” The film contains scenes of southeast Alaska, men and women posing with bundles of furs, small boats, mountains and glaciers, a waterfall, views from a boat, fishing vessels at a dock, and women walking along a snowy street. The segment titled “Alaska River Vo... 1955-1975
7 [Stenberg films 8] This is a film that was developed in September 1959 and is labeled, “Moose hunting, Fairbanks world champ dog races and blanket toss.” The film contains scenes of men hunting and butchering a moose, an Alaska Dog Mushers Association banner, sled dog races, a woman in a crown posing and driving a ... 1955-1959