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# Title Description Date Created
1 Richard Cummings, Terry Solomon, Mary Ann Terkel, and a mother of a recovering teen substance abuser are interviewed Guests include Chief Richard Cummings of the Fairbanks City Police Department, Terry Solomon, Substance Abuse Counselor with the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, Mary Ann Terkel, a substance abuse counselor with Milam Recovery Center in Fairbanks and Paula, mother of a recovering tee... 1989-04-02
2 Charlotte Rowe is interviewed by Susan McInnis on February 25, 1990 in Fairbanks, Alaska Charlotte Rowe, staff seismologist at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks talks about earthquakes in general and especially prospects for earthquakes in Alaska in the geologically immediate future. 1990-02-25
3 Bob Theobald is interviewed by Susan McInnis on June 2, 1991 in Alaska Bob Theobald, economics, author and futurist, talks about his view of the world as it is, as it ought to be and whether he thinks we can get there from here. 1991-06-02
4 Bill Parrett is interviewed by Susan McInnis on May 9, 1995 in Alaska Bill Parrett has studies at-risk kids and education for 20 years. He talks about his latest book written with Robert Barr, Hope at Last. 1995-05-09
5 Bettye Fahrenkamp answers questions on a live call-in radio show with Susan McInnis on November 19, 1989 in Fairbanks, Alaska 1989-11-19
6 John Luther Adams is interviewed by Susan McInnis on March 4, 1990 in Fairbanks, Alaska 1990-03-04
7 Patty Kastelic and Terry Foster Brimner are interviewed by Susan McInnis on February 18, 1990 in Fairbanks, Alaska Patty Kastelic, director of Student Affairs at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Terry Foster Brimner, Fairbanks attorney specializing in family law discuss conflict resolution and mediation. 1990-02-18
8 Sonia Johnson is interviewed on April 1, 1990 in Fairbanks, Alaska Mormon wife and mother Sonia Johnson's support for the Equal Rights Amendment of 1977 so distressed the Mormon Church that she was excommunicated in 1979. Since then she has pursued a philosophy of radical feminism. 1990-04-01
9 Richard Seifert and Rich Nye are interviewed on October 15, 1989 in Fairbanks, Alaska Rich Seifert from the Cooperative Extension and Rich Nye from the Geological Survey talk about problems radon can cause in homes and how to mitigate them. 1989-10-15
10 Sally Fenno is interviewed by Susan McInnis on January 21, 1990 in Fairbanks, Alaska Sally Fenno talks about healing. 1990-01-21
11 Christine Smith and Mark Wood are interviewed by Susan McInnis on an unidentified date in Fairbanks, Alaska Assistant public defender Christine Smith and assistant district attorney Mark Wood discuss the juvenile criminal justice system and juvenile waiver procedures.
12 Pat O'Rourke, Socility Valmontaya, Robert Galatianoff and Phil Charotte are interviewed on an unidentified date Cultural issues and racism at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Chancellor Pat O'Rourke, assistant professor Socility Valmontaya, professor of education Robert Galatianoff and student Phil Charotte.
13 Dick Jackson, Marty Poole and Debbie Koontz are interviewed on June 10, 1990 in Fairbanks, Alaska Dick Jackson, Fairbanks North Star Borough chief, Marty Poole and Debbie Koontz from the Good Sense Working Group talk about recycling in Fairbanks, Alaska. 1990-06-10
14 Claudine Schneider is interviewed on September 17, 1989 in Fairbanks, Alaska Claudine Schneider, five-term congresswoman from Rhode Island, is the author of the Global Warming Prevention Act being submitted to Congress this session. 1989-09-17
15 David Hanson is interviewed on November 5, 1989 in Fairbanks, Alaska David J. Hanson, chair of the Department of Sociology at SUNY Potsdam, discusses alcohol use and abuse. 1989-11-05
16 Interior Democrats recorded on May 27, 1990 in Fairbanks, Alaska 1990-05-27
17 June Carlson, Mike Dalton, Janet Baird, and Harold Gillam are interviewed on January 29, 1989 in Fairbanks, Alaska Guests include June Carlson, chair of the 25th Anniversary Committee, Mike Dalton, first woman on the Borough Assembly, Janet Baird,Independent School District and Fairbanks North Star Borough School Board member and Harold Gillam, the second borough chairman. 1989-01-29
18 Gardeners' Journal I: John Mathege, Pat Wagner, John Leipzig are interviewed by Susan McInnis on July 28, 1991, Fairbanks, AK Gardener's Journal 1 - John Mathege, Pat Wagner, from the University of Alaska Experimental Farm and John Leipzig. 1991-07-28
19 Molly Smith is interviewed by Susan McInnis on August 5, 1991 in Alaska Molly Smith is the artistic director and founder of Perseverance Theatre in Douglas, Alaska. She talks about its role, place, functions in life and culture. 1991-08-05
20 Ardith Lynch is interviewed on April 20, 1990 in Fairbanks, Alaska Ardith Lynch is the deputy director of the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Department of Human and Social Services. 1990-04-20