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# Title Description Date Created
1 [Richard and Janet Ward collection 2] Footage includes a construction camp for the Anchorage International Airport, and airport construction scenes from both summer and winter. Additional footage includes winter travel, University of Alaska buildings in Fairbanks, a weasel tracked vehicle, airplanes that were damaged in the Easter 19... 1945-1955
2 [Merton Attwood Collection 1] Footage includes ALCAN travel, a C-47 Wien flight from Fairbanks and a Cessna 180 flight from Bettles, men prospecting with a steam boiler and windlass, people gold mining with a hydraulic giant and heavy equipment, mining activities, a Pan American World Airways (PAN AM) Boeing 377 Stratocruiser... 1957-1968
3 [Richard and Janet Ward collection 1] Footage includes a porcupine, Dick Ward with a chained sled dog, Dick Ward in a Pan American World Airways (PAA) uniform in Metlakatla, the PAA terminal building, a PAA Dc-4 or DC-6 passenger plane, Annette Island scenery (?), trucks and equipment at an asphalt plant, men paving a runway, cars an... 1945-1955
4 [Merton Attwood Collection 2] Footage includes children playing in snow outside a cabin, children walking with their mother, a Wien airplane landing, a moose, a group of Eskimos in an outboard powered riverboat arriving at a fish camp on the shore, dead caribou being unloaded from a Nodwell tracked vehicle, caribou, a view of... 1957-1968
5 [Jeanie of Alaska – original reel 2] This film features an airplane in flight from underneath, showing the floats; the word HELP written on the ground at remote Anaktuvuk Pass in the Brooks Range; Chandler Lake people, dressed in summer parkas, are worried about a very sick baby (Bud flies the baby to the nearest hospital at Point B... 1952
6 [Jeanie of Alaska – original reel 1] This film includes scenes of Bud and Connie Helmericks traveling with their young daughter, Jeanie, throughout northern Alaska. The date of 1952 was confirmed by Jean (Jeanie Helmericks) Aspen in 2015. Detailed summary information was provided by the filmmakers. According to these notes, the film... 1952
7 [Chuck Gray film collection addition 2] The original reel and can notes for AAF-10076 are: "Dune Lake 1 and 2 - 1970, Beaver Creek 1956, and Old John 1 and 2 - 1970." The writing on film leader is "Dune Lk. 1989." The footage features building supplies being offloaded at a remote site in winter, a large vehicle with a trailer, a cabin ... 1956-1970
8 [McKinley Park Hotel, Curry Hotel, Alaska Railroad, Anchorage] This film features footage the interior of a hotel lobby, exterior footage of the Denali Park Hotel, an Alaska Railroad train departing a station, the Healy train station and hotel, fall colors, a footbridge over a river to a red building, interior black-and-white views of people playing cards at... 1940-1952
9 [Hill family films] This film reel is made up of 12 smaller reels of film. Reel 1 is labeled “Ivory Carving of Pt. Barrow” with postal markings on the box indicating a film processing date of 1949. It contains footage of men making ivory carvings, a dog, carvings on a shelf, and a sunset. Reel 2 is labeled “Skee pi... 1948-1962
10 [Julius & Opal Fowler Harkey Collection] Black and white footage from Kotzebue (?) includes sled dogs, buildings, boardwalks, children leaving school and playing, and a baseball game. Color footage from Shishmaref (?) includes people travelling in a skin boat, outdoor games including running and walking on stilts and rolling fuel drums,... 1955-1958
11 [Alaska sheep and bear] This footage shows Dall sheep in the hills (focus is soft) and a bear near a river. 1950-1970
12 [Walrus hunt, Kotzebue, Nome, Unalakleet, kayak races, wildlife] This film contains footage of a waterfront in a northern Alaska coastal village, many people in a motor-powered umiak, a camp on a rocky beach, Alaska Native children playing in a tent, men throwing a rope into the water to retrieve a log, men on the edge of sea ice getting into an umiak, open wa... 1950-1970
13 [Fur Rendezvous, polar bear, Kotzebue, Nome, Unalakleet, kayak races] Footage features an Alaska Native dance demonstration in front of a crowd on an Anchorage baseball field, a blanket toss, and dog mushers racing across a flat area; polar bears on ice in Northern Alaska; the Kotzebue waterfront, fish drying on racks, children, the post office, the trading post, t... 1950-1970
14 [Stenberg films 3] This is a film that was developed in August 1961 and September 1962 and is labeled, “Mitkoff Job 75 Reel No. 1.” The film contains scenes of a human skull, a Caterpillar tractor and operator, a tug boat, chainsaw crews and bulldozers clearing land, travel along a shoreline in a boat, a tree being... 1955-1962
15 [Whittier earthquake cleanup, Lake George glacier breakup, wildlife] Footage includes foxes playing in brush; men working to repair railroad tracks, damaged buildings and burned out fuel storage tanks in Whittier following the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964, rubble along the shoreline, Lake George glacier breaking up, bears fishing in a river and playing onshore,... 1950-1970
16 [Rockney Family films part 3] Two smaller film reels were combined to make this item. Reel 1 is labeled “Whitehorse” and contains scenes of Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory, sternwheeler riverboats and an airplane on floats on the Yukon River, Riverboat Aksala, railroad tracks, the church at Bennett Lake in Yukon Territory, ... 1935-1955
17 [Vince and Evelyn Guzzardi collection 1] AAF-11473 consists of 3 reels of 8mm film that have been combined onto one reel. Reel 1 is labeled “March 6, 1961” and contains footage of people sunbathing (the film has a mag stripe soundtrack that was badly deteriorated, so no audio was captured during digitization). Reel 2 is labeled “Hotel F... 1959-1961
18 [Vince and Evelyn Guzzardi collection 2] This film consists of 3 reels of 8mm film that have been combined onto one reel. Reel 1 is labeled “2-0084” and contains footage of a parade in front of Pinska’s in Fairbanks, the University of Alaska power plant and campus in Fairbanks, and a Wien hangar and airport tower. Reel 2 is unlabeled an... 1955-1970
19 [Vince and Evelyn Guzzardi collection 6] This film consists of one reel of 8mm film labeled “People and Parties.” It contains footage of various locations throughout Alaska, a sign for ‘Evelyn’s,” a dog; the Traveler’s Inn, a number of well-dressed women exiting a building and showing off their clothing to the camera, a number of scenic... 1940-1969
20 [Vince and Evelyn Guzzardi collection 5] This film consists of one reel of 8mm film labeled “Aniak” and contains footage from a vehicle driving in the winter in Alaska, the exterior of a house in the winter, possible footage of a fire at nighttime, scenery of Alaska landscapes and river villages taken from an airplane in the winter, two... 1959