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# Title Description Date Issued
1 Season of 1890, grand summer tour to Alaska Cover title: Raymond's vacation excursions : excursion to Alaska. "The party to leave Boston Saturday, July 19, and to return Saturday, September 6. Price of tickets (all traveling expenses included), $500.00." Includes bibliographical references. 1890
2 Alaska: its history and resources, gold fields, routes and scenery 1895
3 Die Goldsucher 1904
4 All about Alaska [1890] Includes sailing schedules, timetables, and excerpts from newspaper accounts. 1890-02-20
5 The gold fever; or, Two years in Alaska
6 North-West Mounted Police, Northern Patrol, Athabasca District: winter 1898-99 1899
7 A trip to Alaska Cover title. / Series: Evenings with missions; no. 3. 1894
8 The golden sand of Cape Nome Cover title. [1899 or 1900]
9 The gold fields of the Klondike Copyright J. B. Prather, Douglas, Alaska.
"Illustrating all the incidents that occurred to the many who engaged in the great stampede to the gold fields of the Klondike, including the interesting scenes at Dawson and the principal mines in operation during the time, upwards of ten million dollars were extracted. Also scenes of the new A...
10 Alaska tours "Copyrighted ... by F.I. Whitney."--Title page verso.
Cover title: Alaska, land of gold and glacier.
11 Picturesque Alaska : in photo-gravure from recent negatives / The Albertype Co. "From negatives by T.W. Ingersoll, St. Paul, Minn." [18--]
12 Klondike Kit's quartz-ledge, or, Out with the mounted police / by Hugh P. Rodman. Klondike Kit weekly, no. 9. "July 23, 1898." 1898-07-23
13 Two excursions to Alaska leaving Philadelphia July 6 & 20, 1894 "Season of 1894. Two grand summer tours to Alaska in connection with journeys across the continent by the Canadian Pacific Railway, including stops at Montreal, Banff Hot Springs, the Glacier of the Selkirks, etc. The return over the Northern Pacific Railroad, with visits to Portland, Tacoma, Se...
Cover title. / At head of cover title: Raymond's vacation excursions, all travelling expenses included.
[1893 or 1894]
14 California, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and the World's Columbian Exposition Cover title. / At head of title: Raymond's vacation excursions, all traveling expenses included. [1892 or 1893]
15 Life on the Alaska mission, with an account of the foundation of the mission and the work performed "For private circulation only." 1893
16 Book I Unalaska Letter Book (outgoing) 1895-97 Bulk of letters are in English. / Index to names of addressees found on unnumbered preliminary pages. / Acquired through Rasmuson Rare Books Endowment.
17 Mission life at Point Hope and The reindeer journey and other sketches Contains two separate publications bound together as a single number in the Round Robin series.
Cover title. / "October, 1906"--Cover. / Series: Round robin to the Junior Auxiliary; no. 37.
18 Album of Northern dogs--Laïkas / Prince Andrew Shirinsky-Shihmatoff ; preface by L. Sabaneyeff ; illustrated by A.S. Stepanoff. "Scales of measurements of living specimen and skulls with their profiles, etc." / "All the receipt is to be employed for the foundation of the leper's colony in the government of Yacootsk." / Cover title: Alʹbom Si͡evernykh sobak "Laek." / Incomplete contents: 1. pt. a Korel-Laïka; b, Zirian-Laï... 1896-
19 Northern dogs / by Prince Andrew Shirinsky-Shihmatoff Cover title. / Accompanies: Album of Northern dogs--Laïkas. / Acquired through Rasmuson Rare Books Endowment. 1896